The time is now for a progressive production studio:

  • Americans spend more time on the Internet than ever before.
  • Internet is top source of news for nearly half of Americans, 80% consider it a more valuable source of information than traditional media outlets including TV, newspapers and the radio.
  • More Americans watch online video and increasingly want more professional video rather than user-generated.
  • This year, online video market projected to grow 52 percent, reaching about 34 billion views.
  • Next year online video will explode when broadcasters by law have to switch to digital broadcast technology.
  • Last week 32 million people downloaded a podcast compared to only 2.2 million viewing a top cable program.
  • Online video is leading to unprecedented levels of voter interaction and engagement, empowering voters and setting all-time records in small donations online

Who is going to dominate in this sphere? Who will provide in-depth news and information on things that matter? Whose perspectives will rule? Rupert Murdoch?

Progressives must act now to establish a robust infrastructure in this space.

Help make this progressive studio a reality