Meet the Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers will be a live online video show, broadcast over the Internet every Friday. While matching the professional production standards of a conventional TV political talk show, its focus will be on unconventional political opinion and analysis. The show will be streamed live across the internet on various blogs and news sites, including The Huffington Post, Think Progress, Alternet, and Brave New Films. After its initial airing, the show will also be made available On-Demand on MeetTheBloggers.org, as well as YouTube, Podcast, iTunes, RSS Feeds, and other content sites. In addition to its web distribution, Meet The Bloggers will be televised on FreeSpeechTV.

This Brave Nation

This Brave Nation is a unique video collaboration between The Nation, America's oldest weekly magazine, and Brave New Foundation, one of the country's newest multi-media producers. This Brave Nation creates a “living history” for the progressive movement -- a series of conversations with the most intelligent, passionate, feisty, and creative voices of the last 70 years. Watch the trailer.


Brave New Studio offers the possibility of producing many other shows as well - on economic issues, the criminal justice system, youth civic engagement, immigration, and more.

Help make the vision of a progressive studio a reality