Studio One

Studio Two

What is the Studio?
At Brave New Foundation's headquarters in Culver City, construction is underway on a brand new studio - not for television broadcasting, but for live video webcasting as well as pre-taped shows. These webcasts will be simulcast by blogs and online magazines such as The Huffington Post and Salon.com. Before summer is out, the studio will be able to cover events online and in video as they unfold, dispatching reporters to events and interviewing bloggers and newsmakers all over the country for an entirely web-based audience.

Our state-of-the-art studio will allow real time interaction and the possibility of getting the local angle.

  • Audience members will be able to call, e-mail, or web-cam in comments.
  • Our 2,400 field producers will be able to cover local issues and stories.
  • Citizen journalists will be able to post videos.
  • Online petitions, polls, quizzes and more will augment interactivity.

Help make this progressive studio a reality